The Characters

Sara PrestonSara Preston
Now a reporter in New York, Sara reluctantly returns home to find her family more broken than when she left. Suddenly face-to-face with the family and lover she left behind, Sara is forced to come to terms with the consequences of past decisions.
Played by Alicia Minshew.


Katherine WesleyKatherine Wesley
State Representative Katherine Wesley is a rising star in the Democratic Party, despite her family's long history as staunch Republicans. Senator Preston's stroke may give her a chance at a larger prize, but Sara's return could make her doubt her next step.
Played by Sarah Brown.

Senator Preston

Senator William Preston
Senator Preston is a longtime Democratic Senator for Massachusetts who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The Senator believes that blackmail is something you do before breakfast.

Played by Ron Raines.


Senator Tom Wesley Senator Tom Wesley
Republican Senator and Senator Preston's rival, who longs to be President one day. When his daughter is mentioned as his rival's possible replacement, Senator Wesley is caught between ambition and his family.

Played by Scott Bryce.

Claire Preston

Claire Preston
The Senator's daughter and Sara's mother. Claire has secrets. Many secrets. And she's tired of hiding them--and tired of hiding behind a bottle.

Played by Crystal Chappell.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller
Katherine's chief of staff is addicted to power. His ambition and underhanded actions may harm Katherine's upcoming campaign and ruin any chance she may have to reconnect with Sara.

Played by Ricky Paull Goldin.

Evelyn Preston

Evelyn Preston
Senator Preston's much younger new wife. More than anything she wants to be taken care of and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Played by Melissa Archer.


Laura Parker

Laura Parker
Katherine’s best friend and occasional bed partner. When Sara returns, Laura may need to admit that her feelings for Katherine are more than just casual.

Played by Rebecca Mozo.

Eric Preston

Eric Preston
Claire's son and Sara's brother. His easy smile hides a steely resolve and sharp ambition. His grandfather's stroke may be just the excuse he's been waiting for to make his move.

Played by John-Paul Lavoisier.



Emily Tanner
Runs the local coffeehouse with Louise. Emily is friend to both Katherine and Sara, as well as their families. She doesn't shy away from gossip.

Played by Louise Sorel.


Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton
Diane is Sara Preston's current partner. Sara's return to Boston may force Diane to fight for her relationship. But is the relationship too new to survive Katherine's return into the picture?

Played by Jessica Morris.


Louise Casell

Louise Casell
Runs the local coffeehouse with Emily. Only slightly more discreet than Emily.

Played by Tina Sloan.


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