Many thanks to all the fans who have supported and championed Season One of the Emmy Nominated Beacon Hill.
Check back soon for information on Season Two and read the recent New York Post article for the very latest.

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When Senior Massachusetts Senator William Preston (Ron Raines) suffers a stroke, his rebellious granddaughter Sara (Alicia Minshew) is called home to Boston. Once there, Sara finds that her ailing grandfather has a new wife barely older than herself (Melissa Archer), that her mother Claire (Crystal Chappell) is still hiding in her room with her favorite bottle, and that her brother Eric (John-Paul Lavoisier) is playing nursemaid in between board meetings.

Sara also discovers that her ex, State Representative Katherine Wesley, (Sarah Brown) is being mentioned as a possible Senatorial candidate in a cat-and-mouse game controlled by Sara's grandfather.

When former flames Sara Preston and Katherine Wesley reconnect after six years apart, it seems unlikely that they'll ever be able to put their past behind them. And with the political turmoil, family intrusions and the press interfering, it may be downright impossible.

English and Spanish Closed Captioning is available on all episodes.

What people are saying about Beacon Hill...

Boston's Own Online Soap Opera Aired Today and It's Already Addicting
- Hilary Milnes,

“Beacon Hill” gets 5 stars from this happy consumer. This is $10 I will never regret spending! Totally worth it. - tiffanybailey, Bubblenews

Boston-set Web series 'Beacon Hill' shows promise with top cast, intriguing plot
- Mark Perigard, Boston Herald

This isn't your shoddily filmed webisode starring amateur actors. This is a star-studded soap and it looks like it's going to be juicy as hell. - Hilary Milnes, Streetwise Media

There are still some very bright spots for soap fans and one of them is Beacon Hill which debuted on March 5th. - Cate Meighan,

Katherine Wesley is your new crush. The voice. The swagger. The hair porn. It’s all the things you love... - Dana Piccoli,

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