Interview with Louise Sorel

Louise Sorel as Emily

Louise Sorel is reprising her role of Emily in Season Two of Beacon Hill.

What was it like to revisit the character of Emily and to once again share scenes with Tina Sloan (Louise) after all of these years?

I always have a great time with Tina Sloan. She is earthy and fun and a pleasure to work with. It seems after All the years that passed we just picked up like old friends.

In Beacon Hill your character and her scenes lend itself to more comedy. What is that like after years of playing drama?

Well, I started on Broadway in a successful comedy with Art Carney and played Don Rickles wife on a series so Comedy is my forte. I’ve always to tried to inject that into my work. Chechkov always talked about the humor
underneath all sad or tragic situations.

Filming a web series is certainly very different than daytime. How is that like?

Working on this show was a pleasure because there is little stress for the actors – altho’ I know it must be more stress for the directors and crew. Daytime soaps are now so pressured for time and money – no rehearsals and volumes to remember. If only we could have the support that Crystal and Hillary and the team give us – all the time – life would be lovely.

Louise Sorel in her role as Emily, along side her Beacon Hill partner, Tina Sloan as Louise.
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