Interview with Rebecca Mozo

Rebecca Mozo as Laura

Rebecca Mozo returns to Beacon Hill Season Two in her role as Laura Parker. Laura is Katherine’s best friend and sometimes love interest.

Tell us about your character in season two.

Laura is much more involved politically than you might have thought from season one… so that complicates things further with Katherine. But a the end of the day, Laura is in love with Katherine still, even if it hurts her all the time. 

What was it like shooting on location again? Is it very different than shooting on set?

I love shooting on location- since we shot the first season, I’ve relocated to the east coast so I was able to take a beautiful train ride from NYC to Massachusetts. Its a much more visceral experience than being on a set. You get to absorb the atmosphere and experience local food, culture and people. 

Can you tell us how shooting a web series compares to some of the other mediums that you have worked in?

To me, a web series, tv,  film, theater: I approach the work from the same point of entry. But the freedom you experience when working on a web series is pretty magical. Its collaborative and everyone is there because they love it and because there’s a real need to tell  the story. 

Where would you like to see your character’s story arc go as the series progresses? 

I would like the tables to turn a little. I think it would be great if Laura could have Katherine pining for her for a second. A girl can dream. 

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