Interview with Tina Sloan

Tina Sloan as Louise

Tina Sloan returns in Season Two as Louise, who finds there are some new twists in her character’s plot.

Tell us about your character in season two.

I play Louise who owns the charming coffee shop where much is said and overheard and happens to many characters. Louise and Emily are having a fight as Louise is not ready after MANY YEARS to marry Emily – It is rather hilarious how this plays out and my character is not rattled as Emily is. I hate to hurt her but I have my reasons!

What was it like getting to work with Louise Sorel, who plays Emily to your Louise. Your scenes look like so much fun.

Well Louise Sorel is a wonderful person to play against and we are quibbling and quarreling and at the same time helping one another on so many levels and we seem to do this with ease as tho we have been partners in the shop and in life forever. That is the writing of course, but we seem to be able to slide into the characters as though we have been together for 25 years.

Can you tell us how shooting a web series compares to some of the other mediums that you have worked in?

A web series is great FUN. It is fast and easy and everyone is on top of what their job is and wonderful things come out of it since it is not rehearsed too much to take the surprises out of it. Things happen and they are not studied. They just happen. And that is the genius of web series to my mind. On stage you cant make a mistake but here you can and if it works, it stays.

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  1. This show is fantastic. Love Tina and Louise together. They have great chemistry. Just like a couple who has been married forever.

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